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Thyristor Switch Module

Power Factor Controller

Thyristor Switching is used when load variation is rapid as in case of cranes, lifts, spot welding, plastic extrusion etc. As there are no moving parts the switching life is very high as compared to contactors. The power electronic devices used have a rated PIV of 2200, one of the highest in its class, thus enhancing the reliability of the module.


  • Suitable for 10, 25 and 50 KVAr
  • Rated Voltage 400, 415, 440 and 690V

  • Suitable for real time power factor correction.
  • Easy Installation : It can be used identiaclly as a Contactor.
  • Reaction time : 5 milli seconds.
  • Permanent self - controlling of :
    - Voltage Parametter
    - Capacitor Current
    - Temperature of the thyristor switch.
  • Alarm output per module.
  • Manual operation possible.
  • Automatic switch off in case of over current and over temperature.
  • Disply of :
    - Operations
    - Faults
    - Activation.

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