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Pole Mounted RPC System


The Pole Mounted Reactive Power compensation (RPC) System are built around critical key components such as capacitor, capacitor switches and damping reactors etc designed and manufactured by EPCOS. These reactive Power compensation Syatems are specially designed for single step automatic reactive power compensation system ideal for 11 KV feeders. These are self powered, highly reliable and suitable for unmanned lines requiring low service. The inrush current and fault current handling capacity of the switch is optimized considering the application. The switch is provided with a custimized single step control box with a special controller having monitoring, control and protection features. Both capacitor switch and control box are designed for IP55 ingress protection and are suitable for out door installation.

Specification :

  • Size / Rating : 100 to 1200 KVAr.
  • Rated Voltage : 12 KV
  • Number of Stepes : Single
  • Control mode : Auto / Manual.
  • Control Parameter : Load current / Load power factor.
  • Damping reactor : 0.2 % and 6 % (optional)
  • Configuration : Delta / Star.
  • Installatio : Out Door.
  • Features:
  • Self Powered highly reliable, suitable for unmanned lines requiring low services.
  • Suitable for direct out door installation as designed with IP 55 ingress protection.
  • The complete unit is self contained and dose not need any auxiliaryy supply.

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