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Capacitor Duty Contactors

Capacitor Duty Contactors

Use of capacitor duty contactor enhance the life of the capacitors also limits the system transients thus improving powerquality. Contactors have additional auxiliary contactors have additional auxiliary contacts with current limiting resistors in series with it.

    Specification :
  • Technical data according to Standards IEC 947-4-1, IEC 947-5-1, EN 60947-4-1, EN 60947-5-1 and VDE 0660
    Range :
  • Rating : 5KVAr to 100 KVAr.
  • Optional Voltage Range (380 V to 440 V)
  • Operational ambient temperature up to 60 °C

  • Largest range.
  • Excellent damping of inrush current by the use of leading contacts with wiper function and special resistors.
  • Longer useful life of main contacts of capacitor life.
  • Soft switching life of main contactor and thus longer useful life.
  • Weld resistant up to a possible peak inrush current of 200 times the rated capacitor current.
  • Enhance mean life expectancy of PFC systems.
  • Reduce Ohmic losses.
  • Tamper proof and protected resistors.
  • Suitable for use with or with out detuned reactors.
  • Easy access for cable connection.

For Higher system Voltage
(440 V to 750 V) and for higher current ratings, EPCOS offers special vacuum Contactors.

These are widely used in various applications such as :

  • Motor Switching.
  • Inching Applications
  • Crane duty switching
  • Capacitor Switching.
  • Load Switching
  • Mining Industry
  • Refineries and Petro-chemical plants etc.

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