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Pad Mounted RPC System

Pad Mounted RPC System

EPCOS offeres indoor as well as out door Pad mounted / metal clad Reactive Power Compensation system for various applications. These are metal clad switched or fixed capacitor banks of various configurations customized for specific applications. Switched capacitor banks have specially designed and manufactured Vacuum contactors for switching of capacitor banks. The panels are designed for indoor as well out door installations with various degrees of ingress protection. Depending upon the application and configuration various values of damping reactors are provided to enhance the performance.

Specification :

  • Size / Rating : 100 to 3600 KVAr.
  • Rated Voltage : 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 KV
  • Number of Stepes : 1 - 8
  • Control mode : Auto / Manual
  • Control Parameter : Load current / Load power factor
  • Damping reactor : 0.2 % and 6 % (optional)
  • Configuration : Delta / Star / Double star.
  • Installation : Indoor / Out door

  • Requires less space suitable for indoor / out door installation.
  • Optimum compensation of reactive KVA case of switched capacitor banks.
  • Choice of cable entry locations.

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