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Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controller

Power Factor Controllers are used for automatic reactive power compensation / power factor improvement through switched capacitor banks.

Series : BR4000, BR5000, BR6000, BR 7000.
* Relay Output and transistor output (for dynamic PF control)
* 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 steps.

Supply Voltage :

* BR 4000/ BR 6000 / BR 7000 : - 230 V
* BR 5000 : - 415 V (+20% to -40%)
* Single CT sensing and Three CTsensing.


  • Innovative and Intelligent concept. User-friendly operations.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Large and Multi-functional LCD display (2 x 16 characters).
  • Recall function of recorded values.
  • Large measuring voltage range (L-L50 to 525 V).
  • Display of large number of system parameters including harmonics.RS 232 / RS 485 Interface Optional.
  • Two standard mounting dimensions (96 x 96 and 144 x 144 mm)
  • Available with both relay outputs (suitable for Contactors) and Transistor outputs are also aviailable.
  • Hybrid controller with both relay and transistor outputs are also available.
  • Powerful alarm otput.
  • Control modes: LIFO, FIFO and Self Optimized Intelligent control.
Additional Features in BR 5000
  • 3 CT sensing for unbalanced loads.
  • Data logging.
  • Dual target Power Factor setting.
  • Measurement of capacitor current.
  • Automatic Synchronization.
Additional features in BR 7000

  • 15 switching outputs.
  • Freely programmable for switching of 1 or 3 phase capacitors.
  • Illuminated LCD graphic disply 124 x 64 dots, 8 lines.
  • 2 independent isolated RS 485 interfaces.
  • Error storage with tim estamp.
  • Optional MODBUS or ASCII protocol.

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