Bus Bar Assembly For Power Resistance, Bus Bar Assembly, Mumbai, India
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Bus Bar Assembly For Power Resistance

Versions BVO / BKW / BVM-F / BVD
Bus Bar Assembly For Power Resistance
  Technical data
Value ranges 0.01 mΩ - 10mΩ
Tolerance 0.5 %
TC up 30 ppm/K
Power from 20 Watt
Contin. current from 1000 A
Pulse energy from 200 J
Rthi up to 0.2 k/W
Shunts made from electron- beam welded composite materials for high current appliaction
* Low resistance current sensors
* Bus bar assembly
Special Features
* Four - terminal connection
* High current load and pulse power
* Screw, solder and welding connection of the    copper terminals

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