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Square Cap Capacitor

Square Cap Capacitor

Rectangular box type. Self standing units. Modular construction with sheet metal enclosure.

Specification :

  • Conformance to Standards
  • IEC 60831-1 and 2/96, IS 13340.


  • Single unit up to 50 KVAr.
  • Voltage : 415 V to 525 V

Available in three designs:

  • ENDC : EPCOS Normal Duty Capacitor for normal inductive loads.
  • EHDLL : EPCOS heavy Duty Long Life capacitor for loads exhibiting some amount of non-linearity presence of harmonics, medium size industries.
  • ESHDC : EPCOS Super Heavy Duty Capacitor for non-linear arduous and fluctuating loads with higher degree of harmonics.


  • Manufactured using multi layer MPP film with Heavy Edge.
  • Self healing property.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Flexible PU resin as impregnant.
  • Explosion proof feature for individual cell using pressure sensitive mechanical interrupter.
  • Simplified modular construction using hermitically sealed single phase basic capacitor cells.
  • Easy and quick reparability at site.

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