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Three - Phase Filter Reactor

Three - Phase Filter Reactor

Anti-resonance Three Phase Filter Reactor. Detuned reactors are used with shunt capacitor banks to prevent harmonic responce and also harmonic overloading of capacitor banks. These reactors are characterized by high lineraity, low loss and compact size.

  • Effective filter output 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr.
  • Filtering factor. (5.67%, 7%, 14% corresponding to tuning frequencies of 210 Hz, 189 Hz and 134 Hz for the base of 50 Hz)
  • Rated Voltage : (230 V to 690V)
  • Available in three designs
    1. Aluminium strip Wound.
    2. Aluminium Foil Wound.
    3. Copper Conductor Wound.

  • Highest linearity, low risk of reactor tilting.
  • Low losses and noise level.
  • High over loading capability.
  • Low weight due to aluminium windings.
  • Safety devices, temperature micro switch.

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