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MV Vacuum Capacitors

MV Vacuum Capacitors

EPCOS offers wide range of Vacuum contactors for various applications. Vacuum contactors have an age over gas / air / oil type switches because of highest dielectric strength of vacuum. Vacuum contactors use state of art vacuum interrupters selected to perform the required duty. Vacuum contactors are used for lower current breaking e.g. motor current, capacitive current and other low inductive currents.

Specification :

  • Rating Voltage : 6.6 KV / 11 KV
  • Highest System Voltage : 7.2 KV / 12 KV
  • Rated frequency : 50 / 60 Hz.
  • BIL : 20 KV AC / 60KV peak / 28 KV AC / 75 KV peak.
  • Number of phases : 3 / 2 / 1
  • Rated Current : 200 A / 400 A.
  • Rated Motor switching current : 100 A
  • Rated Single bank capacitor switching current : 100 A
  • Rated short time current : 10 KA per second.
  • Peak making current : 9 KA / 15 KA peak.
  • Electrical endurance : 10000 operations.
  • Mechnical endurancec : 25000 operations.
  • Mechnism : Solenoid / Mechanical latch.
  • Indication : Switch ON / OFF

  • Available from 200 A to 630 A, 3.3 KV to 15 KV.
  • Features:
  • Encapsulated Vacuum interrupter with a high dielectric strength and reliability.
  • Choice of Solenoid and Mechnnical mechanism.
  • Mechanism tested for 30000 operations.
  • Capable of operation from 70% to 120 % of rated voltage of operating coil.
  • Highly efficient in capacitor switching and DC switching applications.
  • No arc produced is exposed to, atomosphere hence no fire hazards.
  • Maintenance free electrical contacts. Compact with low foot prints saves panel space.
  • High electrical and mechanical life.

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