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Power Analyser

Power Analyser

Power analyzers are fast becoming an integral part of power system to monitor and control the quality has become the necessity to initiate or prioritize system improvement measures, enhance reliability, reduce operating costs, conserve energy, understand equipment failures etc.

EPCOS range of power analyzers span the entire spectrum from stand alone multi-function panel meters to integrated / network wave form / disturbance recorders and transient analyzers.


  • PA96L 255V 3 Ph. to PA510 500V 3 Ph.

  • Advanced harmonic profiling, unbalance, flickers are measured and logged.
  • Suitable for monitoring quality of power which helps in system improvement measures.
  • Enhance reliability.
  • Reduce operating cost.
  • Helps to conserve energy
  • Understand equipment failures, etc.
  • Compact size and light weight.


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