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Phase Cap Capacitor
Phicap Capacitor
Square Cap Capacitor
AC (MFD Capacitors)
Power Factor Controller
Capacitor Duty Contactors
Thyistor Switch Module
Three Phase Filter Reactor
Power Analyser
LV APFC Panels
Medium Voltage Capacitors
MV Capacitor Switch
MV Vacuum Contactors
Pole Mounted RPC System
Pad Mounted RPC System
Station Type RPC System
   JAIVIC Power Capacitors
M.P.P. Dry Type
M.P.P. (Oil) Type
A.P.P. Type
   TIBCON AC Capacitors
AC Run Capacitor
PP.Can Pin/Wire Type
Al. Can Pin / Wire Type
Power Capacitor
  M.P.P. Dry Tyre
M.P.P. Gas Filled Power Capacitor
Shreem Power Capacitor
Agristar (MPP)
Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)
Cylindrical Gas Filled
Industrial Rectangular (MPP)
Heavy DUty Double Dielectric (MPP)
APP ( Heavy Duty)
Power Factor Controller
Series Reactor for harmonic Protection
Surface Mount Assembly
Hybrid Assembly
Heatsink Assembly
Bus Bar Assembly


* Phase CAp Capacitor
* Phicap Capacitor
* Square Cap Capacitor
* Three Phase Filter Reactor
* Power Factor Controller
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JAIVIC Power Factor Correction Capacitors
These Capacitors are manufactured adoping the latest techniques, by our specially trained team of Engineers and skilled workers in a well equipped modern plant at NASIK.
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TIBCON Capacitor
TIBCON Capacitors range form 1 MFD to 144 MFD with voltage rating of 250/440 VAC and Frequency 50 Hz.
Tibcon Capacitors are extensively used by OEM"s in electric fans, motors, pumps, air-conditioners, refrigerators, air coolers and lighting fixtures.
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Vishay ESTA
ESTAdry ACMKP Power Factor Correction Capacitors Low Voltage
• Compact design with high outputs up     to 30 kvar
• Very low losses < 0.25 W per kvar
• Optimized diameter and height for    excellent heat dissipation
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A.C. Power Factor
Improvement Capacitors
* Agristar(MPP)
* Cylinderical Industrial (MPP)
* Cylindrical Gas Filled
* Industrial Rectangular(MPP)
* Heavy Duty Double Dielectric    (MPP)
* APP (Heavy Duty)
* Power Factor Controller
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Precision resistors for sensing should have a low temperature coefficient, a low thermal EMF, a high long-term stability, a low inductance and a high (pulse) load capacity. Some of those features are defined by selection of the resistance alloys.....
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Shree Trading Syndicate was established in the year 1947, just after the partition. It was a humble start as a general order supplier in Electrical and Allied Items, but today it is a name to reckon in different types of capacitors.
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